The Obamas, Netflix, and the Economy

Barack Obama has a number of impressive lines on his resume. He was a standout student at Harvard law school. Then he became a community organizer. From there, he found work as a lawyer, a state legislator, and ultimately a U.S. Senator. And of course, he became America’s 44th President, serving from 2009-2017. But now, […]

Bernie vs. Bezos

Bernie Sanders targeted the media. It’s a small moment. But here’s why it has big implications.

Suddenly, Scaramucci Matters

One of the President’s former advisors turned against him over the weekend, and the predictable press coverage followed. So what were his true motivations?

Beto Blames Trump

Democrats are blaming Trump for his rhetoric. That stokes division rather than alleviates it.

Why Night One Helped Trump

Donald Trump doesn’t need to call Elizabeth Warren or John Delaney radical. Their colleagues already are.