One-Day Shipping is Working

Amazon Phone

Amazon’s decision to move to one-day shipping was a huge risk. As it turns out, it was a huge reward, too.

Amazon Under Fire

Amazon Cart

Amazon is under fire in a lawsuit that could have big implications.

Which Game of Thrones Character is Your Favorite Stock?

With the series finale of Game of Thrones on Sunday night, the politics of King’s Landing are the topic of the internet right now. With that in mind, why not discuss which Game of Thrones character best represents your favorite stocks and Wall Street celebrities? Fair warning, full spoilers ahead, so don’t venture any further […]

Alphabet Sinks After Earnings Disappoint

Google (parent company Alphabet) is on track to have its worst day in most of a decade following a disappointing earnings report after markets closed on Monday. The biggest disappointment was a slowdown in ad revenue, one of the major contributors to Google’s profit margins. From 19.86 percent year-over-year advertising revenue growth in Q4 of […]

Walmart Joins the Resistance… Against Amazon

Late last week, we discussed Amazon’s plans for world domination. Not unlike Pinky and the Brain, Jeff Bezos spends his evenings pacing around his cell (read: palatial Washington estate) planning to take over the world. Most recently, that plan developed as a promise to deliver one-day shipping to all subscribers to Amazon Prime, their delivery […]

Amazon Bent on World Domination…

For many years, we’ve known that Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos are determined to become the most successful, well run company in the world (whether or not they attain that goal, we suppose, is a matter of opinion). Lately, though, it seems like dominating the Fortune 500 won’t be enough for them. In the past […]

Alexa Gets Healthy

“Alexa, can you book an appointment with my dentist on Friday?” Pretty soon, you may be able to say exactly that to your Amazon Echo devices. Well, to be fair, you can say that to her now, but in the near future, she may actually be able to fulfill your request. The folks at Amazon […]