Bezos Backing Bloomberg for President?

Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg has thrown his hat in and is running for president in 2020. Although not announcing his bid yet, the former New York City mayor made his intentions known by submitting paperwork to enter the Democratic presidential primary in Alabama.

It didn’t come as a shock. Bloomberg has been on and off with his plan to run for president. While teasing his interest in taking on President Donald Trump in the next election, the billionaire businessman opted out of the race, announcing in March that it would be “difficult to win” the Democratic nomination with 20+ candidates running at that time.

“I believe I would defeat Donald Trump in a general election. But I am clear-eyed about the difficulty of winning the Democratic nomination in such a crowded field,” Bloomberg, who also flirted with a 2008 and 2016 run, said then.

A Change of Heart?

Late last month, Bloomberg signaled he is open to jumping back into the 2020 presidential race should former VP, and current Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden’s campaign continue to free fall.

“The presidential aspirants are not short on big ideas. But voters must demand they explain how they intend to move from proposing plans to actually implementing them, including passing them through Congress. Those who dodge the question by speaking of revolution and the bully pulpit aren’t up to the job,” Bloomberg said in an op-ed at The Washington Post.

He also warned  Democratic presidential candidates against going too far left on their agenda saying; it’s not what Americans want. 

“Candidates can promise the whole loaf. But executives need to figure out how to get at least half” — an apparent swipe at Democratic candidates who has been made their platform all about providing “free everything.” 

Should the billionaire businessman decides to formalize his candidacy, he would enter the race as one of the few moderates — joining Biden, tech businessman Andrew Yang, and former Congressman John Delaney.

Buying an Election?

Of course, not everyone is happy with Bloomberg’s rekindled interest in the presidency. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, in particular, have accused Bloomberg of trying to buy the presidency.

“That’s up to Michael Bloomberg. I think what we ought to do is, we ought to be building a grassroots movement to make real change in this country. I don’t think that democracy should be about people coming in and buying elections,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren told NBC News in an interview.

Bezos Buying In

Recently, several media also reported that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, actually called Bloomberg earlier this year to ask whether he was interested in running for president.

At that time though, Bloomberg reportedly declined the offer. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is running on a socialist agenda, told supporters, “You’re not going to buy this election by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on media in California.”

“Jeff Bezos, worth $150 billion, supporting Mike Bloomberg, whose worth only $50 billion, that’s real class solidarity.”

Meanwhile, New York City Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also accused both Bloomberg and Bezos of “class solidarity.” 

“They’ve got class solidarity. The billionaires are looking out for each other. They’re willing to transcend difference and background and even politics,” she said.

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