Royal Caribbean Lends a Hand

Royal Carribean’s (NYSE: RCL) stock is up over two percent today. But that’s not even the coolest thing the company is doing (although the two may be related).

Eager to help out in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, which rocked the Carribean over the weekend, the cruise line is lending a hand by providing hot meals to people in the Bahamas.

Meals on Keels

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas hard. The storm made landfall as a category 5 hurricane and then parked over the island for a period of 48 hours. The wind and rainfall caused devastating destruction and flooding. So far, the storm has claimed 20 lives and caused hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in damages.

There’s only so much than any person or company can do in the aftermath of something like that. But while people try to dig out and rebuild, somebody needs to feed them. That’s where Royal Carribean stepped in.

The company began by packing 10,000 boxed meals which they delivered to Freeport in the Bahamas. But they didn’t stop there. That was just the first in a weeklong campaign of meal-making the company plans to undertake. The crew is staffed on one of Royal Carribean’s ships, The Empress of the Seas. It’s a perfect launching point, as the infrastructure on the islands themselves is severely damaged. Still, the project is a massive effort.

“Its a huge production given the amount of time,“ said Melroy Antao, head of food and beverage on the Empress of the Seas. “This is a mammoth job to undertake.”

The Empress of the Seas was scheduled to be on a seven-day excursion since this weekend, but the company changed those plans in the face of the unpredictable storm. Now, they’ve capitalized on the unfortunate cancellation to become the cafeteria headquarters for the Bahamas first aid effort.

In the process, whether consequentially or not, their stock price jumped two percent. Good for them. Good deeds deserve to be recognized.

That’s the way to use your power and influence to help people. Bravo, Royal Caribbean.


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