You May Be Entitled to Free Money

Free Money? It sounds like a scam, doesn’t it?

Well, in this rare case, it’s actually true. Equifax may well owe you money as a result of their security breach. Here’s the scoop, and how you can find out if you’re eligible.

Equifax Breach

Back in 2017, Equifax suffered a massive security breach. You know, the kind of breach that seems like a plot to an action thriller. Almost 150 million files were compromised, a baffling number of names and records.

You may remember this as around the time your bank sent you a new credit card out of the blue. But unless the breach affected you directly, you probably forgot about it long ago. Now, though, you’ll want to perk up: Equifax has agreed to pay $700 million in a settlement to reimburse those the breach affected. And that might include you!

How to Find Out

Great news: checking your eligibility is incredibly easy. Simply find the last six digits of your social security number. Then go to this website. Punch in your last name and your SSN and the site will tell you whether you’re eligible.

What Next?

Assuming you are eligible, the next step is very simple, too. Simply go here, enter your information, select your compensation, and you’re set. What is that compensation?

You can choose one of two forms of compensation. First, you can choose free credit monitoring for a certain period of time. Second, you can choose $125 mailed to you as a check.

That’s $125 you can use to build an investment account, go out to a nice dinner, or even buy a box (a big box!) of baseball cards! It’s really up to you. If you are entitled to it, this is easy money. Simply fill out your claim and cash your check!

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