Retirement Homes Are Alright

The fine folks over at MarketWatch wrote a helpful article for senior citizens that we wanted to pass along to our readers. That article focuses on why downsizing and moving to a retirement home isn’t so bad.

Many seniors and retirees see retirement homes as the worst case scenario. They can be expensive, they’re public, they’re communal… they’re the worst of all worlds in some people’s eyes.

But it can also be a community of new friends to make your life fuller. It’s all about having the right attitude.

Be Positive

The fine MarketWatch folks have three “P’s” to guide you to success in a new retirement home. The most simple of these is simply to be positive:

“A positive frame of mind works to your advantage. If you’re happy about the move, your enthusiasm will radiate outward and draw people to you. But if you’re a grudging newcomer—and repeatedly express doubts or dismay at having to be there—you risk driving away potential friends.”

That’s such an important aspect of any life decision. Even if it doesn’t feel like where you want to be, positivity can change your attitude!

Retirement is Just the Beginning

Whether it’s a retirement home, your own home, or somewhere in between, retirement is just the beginning of the rest of your life. You’ve worked your whole life to get to this point. Be positive and go enjoy every moment!

Are you a senior or a soon-to-be retiree? Your voice will be the most important in the next election! We’d like to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the pending election? Let us know by answering our poll.

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