The Next Big Battlefield

There’s a battle looming between President Trump and China, and it’s not just about tariffs. It’s about the future of the internet: 5G.

If you’re a professional trader, or even just a recreational futurist, chances are you’ve heard about 5G. In fact, chances are you haven’t stopped hearing about it. That’s because experts believe 5G is the “next big thing” in stock trading. But what is 5G and why is there so much hype? Let’s take a look about five truths about 5G.

1) The Future of Mobile Internet

For those of us who still remember the debut of 3G, it may be hard to believe that we’re already on the verge of 5G. The “Fifth Generation” of cellular network technology is already available in some test markets in Korea, and it won’t be long before we’re hearing about it arriving in the United States. In fact, several companies are beginning to roll out the technology to select customers.

So why does 5G matter so much? The importance of 5G goes beyond basic consumerism. Of course, everyone always wants the shiniest new toy. But 5G is more important than the newest phone or sports car. Think of it more like piping: if 3G was a thin tube of PVC, and 4G is a standard household pipe, then 5G is one of those giant pipes you see on “oversized load” trucks on the highway. You don’t know what’s going through there, but you know it’s a big job.

In the case of 5G, it’s data that’s going through the pipe, and it’s going through faster and in greater quantities than ever before. That allows for the spread of newer, better technologies and connections between previously unconnected devices. Plus, you’ll get your information in the blink of an eye… if not faster!

2) It’s the Next Big Opportunity

People spend a lot of time trying to find the next big opportunity to make wealth. But in this case, it’s clear. As interesting as cryptocurrencies and cannabis may be, nothing comes close to 5G in terms of potential for growth.

Experts believe 5G will be “the greatest millionaire maker since the Internet.” The internet, the advent of computers, made more millionaires than anything in recent memory: Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos. Mark Zuckerberg. The list goes on and on. And those are just the guys who invented something. There are hundreds of men and women who made their millions off of investing in the internet…

And 5G could well outpace that. “Right now,” one expert said, “you have the unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what could easily go down in history as the greatest technological revolution of our time.” But as with anything in investing, you have to be smart.

3) All 5G is NOT Created Equal

It’s tempting to assume that everyone involved in the 5G game will benefit from its advent and spread. And in some cases, that might be true. But just as all phone plans and wireless carriers are not created equally, the same can be said about the growth of 5G.

Some stocks are going to be massive winners in the 5G game. Some are going to be left behind. The trick is finding which ones are the winners and which ones are the duds.

It’s hard to know for certain who will win in the 5G game. Will Verizon continue to dominate the wireless game? Or will Cricket be a titan a decade from now? And who will stand supreme among the chip stocks?

If you’re interested in investing in 5G, the best thing to do is to get the right analysts on your side. The 5G ocean is broad and deep, but the treasure is there to be found.

4) It’s an International Issue

In the shadow of the fiftieth anniversary of the Moon Landing, 5G has some of the same properties of the space race. World leaders are fighting to make their nations leaders in the field, and President Trump is no exception:

“I made 5G a priority and before I got here we were way behind and now we are actually going to be leading very shortly,” President Trump said earlier this year. He then added that other nations’ inventors don’t “have near the capability of our geniuses in Silicon Valley that walk around in undershirts and [are] worth $2 billion. They don’t have nearly the genius that these people have.”

Whether you walk around in an undershirt or not, you should be happy that the President is on top of the 5G industry. He’s just admitting what we all already knew, that 5G is the next big frontier.

5) It’s More Than Just Cell Phones

Again, it would be easy to think this is an issue for Verizon, Sprint, and other wireless providers. But the spread of 5G affects everyone. Drones. Security. Manufacturing. Health Care. These are just a few of the industries that experts agree will skyrocket in the next few years.

Everything that runs on or even utilizes a wireless network will be transformed by 5G. That’s why it is so central: it affects absolutely everything.

The world is going to change when 5G arrives in widespread availability. The challenge will be whether you can change with it. For the smart investor, this really is the chance to step in on the next financial explosion. The hype is real.

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