What Bernie and the Donald Have in Common

On the surface, President Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders don’t seem to have a lot in common. They’re both politicians. But one is a far left Senator from Vermont, while the other is the sitting President whom the Left detests.

But there is one very significant characteristic they share. Sanders and Trump both consider the media an adversary.

Sanders’ Media Comments

The Sanders campaign considers itself an underdog. They believe that the media is no friend of theirs, that they are an outsider. Like Trump in 2016, they believe that the media is specifically out to get them, and are not giving them a fair shake. And they went on record with this belief in a discussion with POLITICO:

“This isn’t intended to be a sweeping generalization of all journalists,” said Faiz Shakir, the campaign manager, “but there are a healthy number who just find Bernie annoying, discount his seriousness, and wish his supporters and movement would just go away.”

An outsider political candidate who believes the media dislikes him? Who claims that they want his followers to go away? Where have we heard that before?

That’s right! Our current President makes many of the same claims. But you were told Bernie and Trump were on opposite ends of the spectrum. So, what gives?

Trump/Sanders Similarities

Yes, Trump and Sanders are opposites on policy, but politically, they’re cut from similar cloth. Both men are “outsiders” in one manner of speaking. Though Sanders has been serving in Washington for many years, he has always had more radical policies than most Democrats. He has never fit in well with the Party. But when he rose to prominence in 2016, the Party had to take him seriously for the first time.

Similarly, President Trump seemed like a joke or an afterthought until he became a serious contender. And because both men were once outsiders, they feel the media doesn’t cover them fairly. They know what it’s like to be overlooked, forgotten, or ignored, and they don’t like the feeling.

Of course, if Sanders wants to escape that feeling, he’ll need to do what President Trump already did: win. If you’re sitting in the White House, it’s hard for the media to ignore you, as much as they might want to.

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