Weekend Wrap-up: July 1

Welcome back to the work week, and welcome to the Weekend Wrap-up, where we chronicle everything you might have missed from the weekend. Here are your top stories:


NBA Free Agency

What an absolute madhouse NBA Free Agency day has become. With players more or less publicly colluding about their landing spot, a franchise can transform its future in the blink of an eye. This year, the Brooklyn Nets are that team. They landed the NBA’s most coveted free agent, Kevin Durant, as well as Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan. Now, the Nets are a top competitor in the league because of one strong day.

Of course, the Golden State Warriors didn’t walk away empty handed. They technically signed Durant and traded him to Brooklyn, getting all-star DeAngelo Russell back in return. That forced them to dump Andre Iguodala’s salary on the Memphis Grizzlies, along with a ton of draft picks.

Other top free agent movers include Jimmy Butler to Miami, Kemba Walker to Boston, and Al Horford to Philadelphia. There will certainly be more news today, but those are the highlights so far.  The shape of the NHL changes every year, and today was no exception.


The USWNT defeated France on Friday, sending them ahead to a semifinal against England. That game will take place on Tuesday, but it already has some controversy surrounding it, after England complained about some U.S. officials visiting the team’s hotel.

Of course, that’s not the only controversy surrounding the USWNT of late. The growing feud between Megan Rapinoe and President Trump now includes AOC, because of course it has. Rapinoe is expected to accept the latter’s invitation to Capitol Hill, but of course, as the President is fond of saying, she’ll have to win two games first.


New Democratic Hierarchy

We talked a lot about the Democratic debates here on the site last week. Now, we’re starting to get our first solid indications of what those debates meant. For Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, there’s plenty of bad news.

A new top-tier has emerged in the party, and it includes Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, who made their names off of Biden and Sanders respectively. The front runners’ grasp was shaken, and a new Morning Consult poll shows significant shifts in those top candidates.

As one advisor described it, “I just feel like the inevitability of Joe Biden is over.” Biden may have been shaken, but there is plenty of time for him to recover or other front runners to emerge. The debates were only the opening salvo in a year long dog fight between these candidates.

G20 Success?

It’s tough to know all the ramifications of the G20 summit over the weekend, but in the short term, it seems like there is reason for hope. President Trump is saying that talks with China are back on and new tariffs are on hold after he met with President Xi at the meetings.

It’s still uncertain what the future holds, but President Xi summed up the relationship nicely: “One basic fact remains unchanged. China and the United States both benefit from cooperation and lose in a confrontation.”

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