Three Bizarre Prop Bets: June 26

The world of prop bets is a strange one, but it doesn’t get a lot stranger than these:

1) Trump Mentions: Over/Under 45.5

The Democratic debates are upon us tonight, and Bovada is prepared. They’ve set a unique over-under for the candidates to grapple with: how many times will Donald Trump be mentioned.

With 20 debaters spread over two nights, that seems very low. But what will Vegas recognize as a “mention?” Will “the President” suffice? What if they allude to a policy, or “the man in charge?”

That’s where the uncertainty hangs. This seems like an easy “over,” but Bovada may have a scheme up its sleeve to lower its exposure a bit.

By the way, it humors us to no end that someone’s job this week involved setting this number. Wonder wha tthat research looked like!

2) Trump Tweets: Over/Under 2.5

You thought we were done with Trump? We’ll never be done with Trump.

Bovada also set an over under for Trump tweets during the debates at 2.5. As you know, we have a President who is fond of tweeting about his political opposition…

Even more so than the 45.5 mentions number, this over/under seems absurdly low. Our President averages 11 tweets a day. It seems certain that he’ll manage three swipes at his opponents over two nights.

3) Joey Chestnut: Over/Under 73.5

The days of Kobayashi are behind us, and we have entered the era of Joey Chestnut. The 35-year-old San Jose native is a prohibitive favorite in the Nathan’s Famous hot dog contest.

But the fun prop bet is the over/under. If you think Joey Chestnut (alone) will manage to slide 74 hot dogs down his gullet, you’ll want to take the over. It’s that simple.

You should know that 74 is the record that Chestnut himself set last year. He consistently surpasses his own records, but some thing this one can’t be beat.

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