Weekend Wrap-up: June 24

The weekend has been busy. Let’s catch you up:


Biden in Hot Water

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential bid is facing its first serious controversy. This comes after Biden made comments about working across the aisle with former segregationists. Other Democrats are pouncing on the comments as an opportunity to expose Biden as out-of-touch.

It was Biden who sparked the controversy with comments about working across the aisle with former segregationists James O. Eastland and Herman Talmadge. According to him, the former “never called me ‘boy,’ he always called me ‘son.'” Biden’s broader remarks were meant to express how bipartisanship was possible even with extreme opposition.

But Biden’s fellow candidates saw this expression as hurtful. Senator Cory Booker expressed outrage and disappointment about Biden’s careless use of the word “boy,” one which carries significant baggage in the black community. “You don’t joke about calling black men ‘boys,” Booker said.

The saga seemed to be running out of steam by the end of the weekend. However, an appearance in an interview with Al Sharpton may have made things worse for the former Vice President. Only time will tell, and we’ll continue to monitor the situation going forward.

Iran So Far Away

Tensions are escalating between Iran and the United States this week. But the worst may have been avoided, as the President called back a potential retaliatory strike over the weekend.

Iran shot down an unmanned drone last week. And the U.S. were prepared for a proportional response. But President Trump believed the planned response was out of proportion, and so he called it back.

In no way is this the end of the story. There will continue to be heightened tensions with Iran this week, and they will be important to monitor.


Hughes Can’t Lose!

The NHL Draft took place over the weekend, and the first overall pick was an American for just the seventh time in NHL history. The American in question was Jack Hughes, who will be joining the New Jersey Devils’ organization. Hughes has been the presumptive first overall pick for over a year now, with the hashtag #LoseForHughes circulating on social media. But in recent days, there has been some question whether Finnish forward Kaapo Kakko might rise to steal his spot.

In the end, there was no drama: Hughes went first and Kakko went second to the New York Rangers. The NHL offseason will continue to unfold throughout the next week until July 1, when free agency officially opens. Most of the big business will be done on or before that date.

Pujols’ Return

Future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols returned to St. Louis this weekend, the first time he’d done so as a player since leaving the Cardinals in 2011. In what will probably be his last tour through the city, Albert was treated like a returning hero. He was even cheered for and given a curtain call when he hit a home run against the home team. It was a genuine, heartfelt reaction at the return of a franchise legend.


Slack Slacking

After a positive first day on the market, Slack’s stock, which was sold as a direct listing, is steadily declining. From a high of $41.64, it is down to $36.02 in early trading on Monday. Slack’s stock could be important for other companies considering a direct listing, so we will continue to monitor its progress.

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