Three Whacky Prop Bets This Week

If you’re a betting man (or woman) you probably have placed some bets on some pretty odd things. But we’re willing to bet the house that you’ve never put money on some of the things we’re about to discuss. Let’s take a look at three of the weirdest prop bets we found this week.

1) Zion Dunk Drought?

Technically, we don’t even know where Zion Williamson will play in the NBA (although it will definitely be the New Orleans Pelicans). But even before a team drafts him, you can bet on his NBA debut. Bovada has set -135 odds that Williamson will dunk fewer than three times in his first NBA game.

Zion is a dunk master, though, and he’ll be looking to ball out in his NBA debut. I’d be tempted to take the over here, but maybe let the dust settle and figure out who his teammates are first.

2) Sanders for Governor?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepped down as President Trump’s Press Secretary last week. Speculation rose immediately that she would follow in her father’s footsteps and run for Governor of Arkansas. Now, you can bet on that speculation, at one to five odds that she runs.

Given that the President hinted heavily at her running last night, I wouldn’t take the no.

3) Verification for OJ?

For those that didn’t see it over the weekend, the infamous running back, legal defendant, and eventual criminal OJ Simpson created a Twitter account over the weekend. With a video announcing the new handle, it’s pretty hard to deny that it’s him.

Now, the question is, will Twitter give OJ that coveted blue checkmark? The oddsmakers think the answer is yes, which is why they assigned -250 odds for it. They seem to think it’s likely, but as always, if the odds do not fit, you must… make wise and practical bets that fit your own judgment and budget.

That’s a lot less catchy.

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