Weekend Wrap-up: June 17

Welcome back to the work week! We’re here with everything you might have missed from the end of last week and the weekend:


Chewy Debuts

Chewy.com hit the stock market with a bang on Friday, shooting up like many recent IPOs. The pet e-retailer is well positioned to succeed, but is sustaining significant losses since its initial spike. We’ll continue to monitor the situation, but we think Chewy is here to stay.

 Slack on Deck

Next up into the market will be Slack, the office messenger service that you’ve probably used in the last week. They will make their IPO on Thursday, and we’ll have that covered from every angle.


Woodland Wins Open

Gary Woodland took home his first major title this weekend, winning the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. He’ll take home a cool $2.25 million for his trouble. Happy Father’s Day, indeed!

Blues’ Epic Rally

The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup last week, in case you haven’t heard. I really like typing that. They held their championship parade on Saturday. Let’s just say there were a few people there.

The Toronto Raptors will have their parade on Monday. Expect the North to turn out.


Read Our Lips: No New Tariffs

Companies are lining up to tell President Trump that they can’t stand tariffs. But there’s no evidence that Trump will listen. He’s pushing ahead with the tariffs on China, despite little evidence that they’re having a positive effect.

Fox Poll Punishes Trump

Speaking of the president, a new poll by FOX shows Trump trailing several key democrats by significant margins. He trails Bernie Sanders by eight points. It’s bad news for the President, but the election is still almost 18 months away.



We lost an icon over the weekend in Gloria Vanderbilt. The heiress, fashion icon, and mother to Anderson Cooper was 95.

Cook at Stanford

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to graduates at Stanford over the weekend, and continued a public push for more regulation and self-evaluation amongst tech companies. In his words: “t feels a bit crazy that anyone should have to say this, but if you built a chaos factory, you can’t dodge responsibility for the chaos.”

Have a Great Week

We’ll continue to keep you posted on all the significant developments this week. In the meantime, keep your head up, make Monday amazing, and have a great week!

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