How Big Could Cannabis Get?

Look, you’ve heard all the rumors about the cannabis industry:

It could be worth billions of dollars. 

It will grow almost as fast as anything we’ve seen before. 

It could be the next bitcoin!

We’re here to tell you though, all of those claims are 100% bogus.

The analysts don’t get it. They missed the mark. They’re way off base.

The reality is, according to investing expert Teeka Tiwari, who helped folks make millions with cryptocurrency, projections like those above are nowhere near bullish enough on the cannabis industry. Listen to what he says:

“When I saw the farm bill pass, and I saw not hundreds of millions but billions of corporate capital get committed before the entire infrastructure was even in place, I said, ‘okay, this is real. It’s going to be massive. It’s going to be a multi-trillion dollar market. This is going to be crypto 2.0, all over again, but in this tiny space.’”

And believe us, Teeka knows his stuff.

Teeka’s Story

Tiwari has the success story most investors dream of, but it all started with a story that anyone could lose sleep over.

He came to America at 16 with 150 bucks in his pocket. He found his stride as a trader, and he was darn good at it. But he had a fatal flaw:

“To be perfectly truthful with you, I was a shallow young man obsessed with making money, dating beautiful women, and living this incredible lifestyle in New York City. That’s the truth.”

“When I was about 27 or 28, my whole world blew up: my financial world blew up, my marriage blew up, all my relationships blew up, I mean, it was awful.”

Arrogance was Tiwari’s Achilles heel: “When you’re very young and you’re always right, you get very arrogant, you get very careless, and you have no risk management. So I was all in on every trade.”

That came back to bite him, as he lost everything when the Fed saved the market in 1998. He read the tea leaves wrong, and because he was stubborn, he didn’t pull out until it was too late. Teeka lost all his money, his home, his family; he was reduced to nothing. And for two full years, he punished himself for it.

What Teeka Changed

For two years, Teeka beat up on himself, forced himself to work awful jobs, and wallowed in self-pity. But then he got a new attitude, and he found a new strategy: risk management. As his friend and interviewer Rob Booker says:

“Risk management really is, in the world of investing, it’s the pinnacle of self awareness. It’s the admission that there is the potential for disaster… Everything about growing up is that there is death and there is pain and there are consequences.”

That was perfect for Tiwari, because he had been brought to his lowest point. But he realized that there was something left for him to accomplish. He built his wealth back up, and then he found his true calling: asymmetric risk investment.

“I’m this firm believer that… you have to use asymmetric risk investing type strategies…  Cryptocurrency is incredibly volatile, but you’re talking about things that can go up literally 100,000 percent. It doesn’t take much money in something that can go up 100,000 percent to make a lot of money.”

Teeka’s Next Frontier

Teeka looked at cryptocurrency in 2017 and saw the revival coming. He bought in when no one else did. And he made people rich because of it.

But while Tiwari will continue to master the crypto market, he’s moving onto a new frontier: cannabis, or as he calls it, “crypto 2.0.” You can hear the excitement in his voice when he talks about it:

“We’re at the very beginning of a brand new industry that’s going to be a multi-trillion dollar industry. How often does that happen? The last time that happened was probably the beginning of the personal computer era, then the internet era, recently crypto, it doesn’t happen often… When you’re there right at the beginning and in the right asset class with the right relationships, it’s life changing.”

Teeka is passionate about unlocking that potential for people, which is why he’s offering courses about the industry now. This convinced Booker, who has also mastered emerging markets in the forex world:

“I watched you do the crypto thing, I watched it. I watched you do this. And so this time around, I’m like, ‘I’m not missing this webinar!’ I probably know more about emerging market currencies than anyone else in the world, and I never branch out from what I know… But this time around, the potential is too great again.”

Don’t Forget the Goal

Tiwari has been on both sides of the stock market. He’s felt its soaring heights and its torturous lows. And now that he’s back on top, looking at the next great emerging frontier, he’s never forgotten the goal: it’s not about making money, it’s about earning freedom. And he believes cannabis will make people free.

“When you reach that point, my god, the freedom you have… you become a better trader… your ego is less involved… it’s very freeing, and you have a life that is bigger and brighter, above and beyond just sitting in front of the screen all day trading.”

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much money the cannabis industry makes. It matters if you can capitalize and give yourself the freedom you want. Tiwari believes that you can, and he seems like an expert you can trust. The green industry isn’t about to stop growing.

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