Puppy Scams Are Now a Thing, Because the World is Terrible

In this world, few things are sacred. But here at Unicorn Wealth, we hoped the even the vilest of human beings could not stoop so low as to try and profit off an innocent, sweet, adorable little puppy…

Apparently, we were wrong to hope that. According to a report from the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, reporting on behalf the Better Business Bureau the latest internet scam revolves around man’s best four-legged friend. Internet scammers are taking advantage of those looking to buy a puppy online by luring them to false sites.

Puppy Love

This is the worst thing since the needy Nigerian prince. Apparently, these scammers are lurking behind fake websites, luring in the unsuspecting and stealing thousands of dollars from them. One victim, a 14-year-0ld girl, saved $1000 by working as a babysitter and swim instructor, only to lose it to these scammers.

“It was heartbreaking for my daughter … she learned a lesson; we all have,” her mother, Pamela Fisher, explained.

The scammers aren’t bashful, either: they’ll make up new excuses to take your money until you stop giving it to them.

Our advice? If you want to get a puppy, be very careful where you buy. And, as always, your local shelters have plenty of animals in need. Don’t take a chance on getting scammed.


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