The Nicest Homes for Sale on Amazon

From books to video games, from food to auto parts, Amazon can deliver just about anything to your home. But did you know Amazon can deliver a home to your home?

There are several fully made, prefab homes available on Amazon for your consideration, some of them even with free shipping. Here’s a look at a few of the nicest.

800 Sq Ft Expandable Container Home

Price: $24,800.00, $1,000 shipping

This container home looks nice on the inside and the outside. And, according to the description, “it’s very safety.”

Okay, so the designers might not have totally locked down the English language, but their home design is on point. This home looks good and it’s energy-conscious: it comes equipped with solar panels on the roof for power generation.

This home can be yours for just $24,800 plus shipping. Unfortunately, there are no user reviews, which may mean no one has taken the plunge, but maybe you can be the first. Let us know how it goes!

Allwood Avalon Cabin

Price: $32,990, FREE shipping

Now this is a nice house, though at 540 square feet, a somewhat small one. Still, the 218 sq ft loft will help solve those problems, and can be a great place to hang out and swap scary stories (if you’re into that sort of thing!)

This unit is more customizable, as the company says in response to one of the FAQs: “Avalon is a spec cabin, meaning each one is always built against customer order.” You can have your cake and eat it too with this cabin, and all for under $35,000.

Lillevilla Getaway Cabin

Price: $18,800, FREE shipping

Finally, as long as we’re talking about prefab cabins with lofts at the top, take a look at this beauty (and the beautiful price tag). This is also an Allwood cabin, but this one tips the scales at just 292 sq ft (plus the loft!)

Still, it’s a great looking place for a nice price tag, if you don’t mind furnishing it yourself. Furniture and plumbing are NOT included. Oh, and I hope you like Lincoln Logs, because this home is a kit you’ll have to assemble yourself.

Maybe the Internet Isn’t Perfect

Okay, so, maybe Amazon isn’t the best place to shop for a home, but you still have options. There’s nothing they can’t drop on your doorstep… even the doorstep itself!

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