Walmart Joins the Resistance… Against Amazon

Late last week, we discussed Amazon’s plans for world domination. Not unlike Pinky and the Brain, Jeff Bezos spends his evenings pacing around his cell (read: palatial Washington estate) planning to take over the world.

Most recently, that plan developed as a promise to deliver one-day shipping to all subscribers to Amazon Prime, their delivery and streaming subscription service.

We explained how that was a clear shot at brick-and-mortar competitors like Target and Walmart, who were already working hard to keep up with Amazon’s two day promises.

Well, Walmart got the message, and decided to fire back with a not-so-veiled message on Twitter.

That’s right, now Walmart is trying to match what Amazon is promising by offering free one-day shipping themselves.

Walmart has an advantage on Amazon, with a widespread network of stores already in place. Amazon is working on building fulfillment networks, but it would be ages before they can begin to compete with the superstore. Target is working on joining the fun as well.

So what will Amazon’s next move be in this war? Same-day shipping? Precognitive shipping? Who knows! The only thing that is certain is that the more business there are providing one-day free shipping, the more we win.

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